High-Level Roof Works – French Church Soho

High-Level Roof Works – French Church Soho

Let’s take a quick journey back to May this year, where a team of 4 were busy working on this character-infused Church in Soho Square, London.

We were contracted for a five week project, were a wide range of roof repairs were to be carried out.

Tasks included:

  • Tile and slate replacement
  • Bell cote bird prevention netting
  • Bell tower netting for securing of loose tiles
  • Clearance/repairs to all rainwater goods

The MillWalkers – Dismantling the Sweeps of a Beautiful Windmill

We recently were contracted to carry out high spec wood repairs to the sails, or ‘sweeps’, of this beautiful windmill and private home.

The spec was to include chopping out failed wood sections, replacing with external-grade plastic wood, painting with wood hardener to any softening wood, sanding down, lining with external-grade mastic and painted with a base coat to the limit of the allowable budget.

Day 1 on site, materials and tools in hand, and everything changed.

Brushing up on The Royal Academy of Arts

How does one hope to suspend their body in mid-air with nothing to attach to above, below or to either side? We had the same discussion having non-nonchalantly accepted this project.
WallWalkers’ rope access services were recently called upon by London’s own Royal Academy of Arts, to complete one of our more complex and out of the box challenges in recent times.

walbrook church london wallwalkers rope access bristol window restoration

The WallWalkers of Walbrook

A rope access technician we’ve previously worked with on numerous occasions recently sent me a photograph of a small church in London and I was immediately struck with a sense of warm familiarity as a wave of fond memories rolled in.

It was very much the kind of nostalgia you’d get if you stumbled upon an old photograph showing your fresh-faced school buddies, all laughing and tumbling over each other in an effort to get in the centre line of an off-the-cuff snap.

Scaling the Palace – Blenheim Heights

From castles to churches, palaces to abbeys, England’s eclectic range of ancient structures are recognised globally as being of those of great historic significance, stunning architectural display and wonderful artistic beauty. The WallWalkers team have been blessed with the privilege of working on a variety of structures across the United Kingdom, enabling them to hang…

Teetering Atop a Flagpole

Team WallWalkers go where others won’t, with minimal fuss and without the need for expensive scaffolding. Ever since that playful remark from an architect client who asked if we could access the top of a steeple to look at the condition of a weathervane, we have evolved it into a unique and specialist skill. Now…