WallWalkers has built a solid reputation in the heritage conservation world. Our involvement in a wide range of project types over the years has also helped the team to develop a many specialist skills that go further afield, therefor evolving the company beyond historic building maintenance as its sole means of utility. Some of these services are listed below.

Photographic Condition Surveys

In depth condition surveys and reports

Focusing on steeples, castles, monuments and listed buildings, our surveys have proven to be invaluable when assessing immediate courses of action to be taken to aid the maintenance of the building’s structural integrity while gaining a complete understanding as to it’s architectural construction.

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Weathervane condition evaluation and replacement

Entering the church through the spire where the narrow stone already battles strong wind and heavy rain conditions, the traditional iron weathervane often suffers from detrimental rust expansion and degradation which breaks the stone apart while forcing it outwards, causing a serious risk of structural failure. We can repair and remove weathervanes, or replace them by fabricating stainless steel ones made to measure.

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Stone and Brick

Sample testing, repair and replacement

Structural stabilisation including pinning, glueing and replacement of stone and brick to spires and structures. Predominately this entails the removal and making good of loose and damaged stone and brick, and the removal and making good of vegetation, especially important when encountering the damaging roots of woody growth.

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Maintenance and repair, raking out, repoint and replacement

Over the years our team has worked on a wide variety of joints using materials ranging from lime mortar mixes to gum hardeners and silicon sealants. Whether natural stone castles, treated sandstone blocks or modern brick work, we always ensure materials and methods used are conducive to the nature of the building’s history and character.

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Maintenance and repair of lead facades, roofs and gutters

Having attended lead welding courses, not only are we able to carry out lead work and repairs, but to also identify any developing issues the building may encounter. The team recently identified and repaired a critical flaw in a particular section of lead work causing great damage to it’s building; a problem which had left four specialist lead roofing companies stumped, testament to the team’s quality of work and lateral thinking.

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Removal, repair and replacement

The unique architectural make up of historic buildings are coupled with their own unique drainage systems. We are able to access these often challenging locations using our dynamic rope systems which allow us to repair damaged surfaces and fixings, clear debris build up and remove/replace all or part of the drainage system where necessary. We have experience in lead, iron and plastic systems, with flash banding, fibreglass and many other techniques.

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Maintenance and repair of various roof types

The ongoing development of our numerous rigging systems have helped us access to a wide variety of roof types, so that work can be carried out efficiently. From 6-ladder links to arching rope systems and catapult fishline rigging, our team has the experience, tools and lateral thinking to get to work quickly. We offer maintenance and repair of various roof types including tile, slate, stone and shingle.

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Removal, repair and maintenance including bird proofing

Over the years we’ve repaired wood, slate and stone louvres on location, removed louvres entirely, and even produced and installed our own louvres to replace those in too poorer condition to save. We also provide a bird proofing service suited to the clients needs, from internal/external netting and wiring to the installation of anti-roosting spikes.

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Internal Maintenance

A wide range of internal maintenance services

Light bulb replacement, electrical fittings, netting, painting, decorations and countless other jobs have been carried out by our team in the past. Where water ingress may have damaged the interior of a building, we are able to repair and replace the damaged areas, often proving far more cost effective than scaffolding or any other form of access, due to both the team’s extensive experience and the nature of our efficient rope systems.

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Leaded Windows

Repair and removal

We offer services of repair and replacement of individual panes and the removal/replacement of complete windows for more extensive, specialist renovation. The photo to the left shows one of eight wooden cradles we constructed to house the fragile leaded windows of St Stevens, Walbrook, London, which we then carefully lowered through it’s dome ceiling directly above an original Henry Moore sculpture.

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Emergency Call-Outs

From The Great Hall of Westminster to the Historic Prison of Lancaster

We are available for most types of emergency stabilisation, removal and making safe of the fabric and structure of any building as a temporary measure, prior to evaluation to develop a more long-term solution to the issue. Please get in contact if you have any queries as to potentially hazardous situations developing regarding your building, as many of those that come to us find our knowledge and experience has been of great help over the years.

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