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Welcome to one of the UK's prominent rope access heritage companies

We established our family business in 1988 as a specialist rope access heritage company. Our IRATA qualified team work at height for the conservation of  England’s historic buildings and listed architecture.

WallWalkers came under new management in 2015, whereby the rope access company relocated from Hereford to Bristol. Over the years, WallWalkers has evolved to become one of the UK’s leading rope access companies. We’re host to a wide mix of maintenance skills and services, allowing us to tackle a variety of tasks. The conservation of England’s protected buildings and listed places of worship lies at the heart of our company. We demonstrate this best by our attention to detail and great pride in the quality of our work.

Many clients consider contracting a scaffolding company for their maintenance works. However our rope access service provides a cost-effective alternative for such high level repairs, often to the great relief of our clients.

Past client testimonials:

“Asking WallWalkers to carry out the work represents a much better alternative to paying for scaffolding. The list of buildings and projects they’ve worked on in the past has also impressed us greatly. Seeing the team hanging off the tower has generated a lot of interest and comment in the village. Their rope access service is far preferred to having the tower covered in scaffolding!” – Holy Trinity Church, Bristol.

“WallWalkers are a great firm I’ve inherited here at Blenheim Palace. They worked calmly, left the locations tidy and clear and did not require additional support from our staff. They have been very approachable for staff and visitors interested in what’s going on. The exercise has proven invaluable in protecting our visitors and aiding the forward planning of stone repairs. Thank you WallWalkers and I look forward to the next annual visit. Very happy to recommend to others.” – Blenheim Palace

Feel free to explore our site and services, and if you would like us to provide a tender for your works, please get in touch.

Painting the Windmill on Willesborough Hill Blog Using rope access and steeplejack techniques to paint, maintain and repair a windmill may not be an easy task.

But it is certainly more financially and visually favourable to scaffolding.

Our conservation team achieved stellar results here, giving this stunning Sussex windmill; a quintessential piece of English heritage, a refreshing lease of life.

View our blog post showing how our recent project went.

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Norwich Cathedral Weathercock Repairs Blog An update on our latest work at the awe-inspiring Cathedral in Norwich:

In September we removed the gilded weathercock that sits on top of Norwich Cathedral’s centuries-old spire, to be re-gilded as part of a wider restoration project.

It is thought this marks the first time since 1963 that the weathercock has been brought to ground.

Re-gilding the weathercock was as enjoyable as it was challenging, with multiple layers of the micron-thick gold leaf needed to give it new life. Suffice to say, the result was worth the effort.

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First Ascent: Norwich Cathedral Blog This week, you may have heard us on the radio, seen us on the television or read about us in the paper.

Though our social media accounts have been somewhat quiet since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been very busy as a company and blessed with a multitude of wonderful projects.

One such project is that of the spire repair works to Norwich Cathedral, which began this week.

At 96 metres, Norwich Cathedral is home to the second tallest steeple in the United Kingdom, topped only by that of Salisbury Cathedral. We're set carry out a variety of works on the spire.
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Changing the Flag on Lockdown Blog The cogs of our company machine are slowly starting to whirr, freeing themselves of the dust and spider webs built up during lockdown!

With restrictions lifting this week, and many companies/traders returning to work, now is a good time to update you on our ‘steeplejacking’ activities.

Jutting out at heights far above the pitched copper roof of Leicester Cathedral, a flagpole was recently in dire need of repair.

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