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Gutter Cleaning Offer – Limited Time Only!

Hold up, it’s that time of year again! And with the beautiful colours of autumn, comes the dreaded knowledge the leaves will soon start tumbling down in to your gutter system.

This is why it’s imperative that the gutters are cleared after the initial fall of the year, and in spring the following year.

The build up of leaves and debris can ultimately lead to a complete blockage of the gutter, hopper and down-pipe system. This can then go on to cause a plethora of other issues, such as:

– Overflowing of the gutter, staining the stonework permanently
– Ingress of water in to the building, causing structural degradation to woodwork, plasterboard etc
– Failing of mortar due to water erosion in line of the overflowing area
– Exacerbation of freeze-thaw weathering (the contracting and expanding of water in gaps, ultimately dislodging pieces of building material, some of which can be very substantial in size!)
– Degradation of the gutter system, if water is able to sit for long periods without drying out
– Warping of the gutter due to excess weight from the sediment build-up

Honestly, the list goes on. The immediate and long-lasting damaging affects of water is something we simply can’t ignore, and the combined affect of a blocked system with heavy water fall in the coming months is a dangerous combination that needs to be addressed before the problems start.

Churches, cathedrals and abbeys are particularly at risk, due to the age of the mortar and stone work, the wide roof areas catching and channelling rain water, relatively narrow gutter systems and often leafy surroundings.

For this reason, WallWalkers are offering a 10% discount until 28th February 2019 on ALL labour related to gutter cleaning and rain water goods repairs.

This includes clearance, minor and major repairs, and all-new installations.

Our rope methods allow for quick, inexpensive and flexible rain water goods works to be carried out in many hard to reach environments.

Put your minds at ease this winter by bringing us in before it’s too late.

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