There are many aspects to using rope access which are of benefit to the client. Below, we have created a brief bullet point list to demonstrate just a selection of these.

  • Cost effective – In the majority of cases roped access techniques are far more cost effective than the conventional means of scaffolding or cherry picker.
  • This is especially true if a larger area has to be covered such as spot pointing, replacing a block here or there and conducting in-depth condition surveys.
  • It is unobtrusive – This is especially important at historic sites such as castles and monuments or churches where weddings and funerals are a common occurrence, and the public have general access.
  • Keep Public places open while work commences.
  • Versatile – Small areas are cordoned off on a rolling programme. Again, this is especially important where there is visitor access such as Rievaulx Abbey, Bodiam castle etc. In fact, roped access can be a visual attraction as it is, basically, one or two people hanging off of a rope.
  • Quick and efficient to set up, access work and takedown.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Safe and easy to manage, being tamper proof as ropes tied away at the end of each work period.

In addition to the above list, there are some key benefits to using WallWalkers as your chosen rope access team. In particular we:

  • Have over 25 years experience in this field.
  • Are specialists in the maintenance and conservation of historic and listed buildings.
  • Have a wide range of services available.
  • Have competitive pricing.
  • Employ fully qualified, certified and experienced personnel.
  • Are skilled in finding innovative solutions to difficult problems.
  • Are recognised and used by the National TrustEnglish Heritage and many other conservation-specific organisations for our high quality workmanship and skills package.