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When we’re not scaling the walls of heritage buildings to protect them for future generations, we like to take the odd trip into the trees, using our rope access skills to help the community.

In this case, we combined forces with School Outdoor Learning and created a canopy amongst the trees, so that children could have a place to learn outdoor skills. It’s not all Playstation and Sky TV these days – with this initiative, youngsters can learn fire making, tool handling, knot tying and enjoy other practical activities that gets them into the fresh air.

We decided to put our documentary skills to good use, so you can watch our video to see the process of erecting the canopy. Notice how we approached the job by:

Clearing the ground of debris and marking out post holes

Erecting the canopy material in the trees with wire cables and then fencing the panels in

Wrapping a wire halo around the entire structure so the canopy could be strung out to the sides tightly

Building a fire pit in the middle and adding a wood chip floor

The whole project was completed in a mere four days, and hey presto – an outdoor space, ready for kids to learn! The school were very impressed with the final result, and excited to get the kids involved. In the words of the School Headmaster:

“It was just dead space before, and now it’s been put to great use and actually has a purpose while still being tucked away out of sight. Great work.”

Canopies like this are ideal for use in schools, youth centres, or even gardens that want a covered and safe place for children to play and learn.

Click below to watch the making-of video!

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